Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Journey

This is it. His is the day when we get some answers... Hopefully. I know there will relief. I know there will be questions. I know there will be fear, because I feel it right now. I know though that God is with us and to that Rock I will cling.

I wondered how travel would go. Mom's had struggles handling the enormity of our challenge. The anxiety has blocked our ability to understand the true pains from the minor discomfort. I questioned how much the cancer had sapped her resolve, strength, and ability to make it through these travels.

The first leg went well. Mom was put near the front of the plane but the activity seemed to help quell some of the hesitation and ailments. They were there but again nothing gets a challenge behind us like taking it on and moving through it. We made our connection through Gods fleet feet in the person of Ishmail. It's amazing how big an airport becomes when you have carry two bags and change terminals. Gotta cut back on the fatty foods.

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