Friday, December 14, 2012

In the Mayo

While we went to get answers, today was only a day to take tests and give answers for the doctors.  Therefore it wasn't a heavy day.  That likely comes in the morrow.

It's very impressive to walk out of the tunnels connecting our hotel with the Mayo Clinic. High, polished marble walls and blown glass sculptures hanging from the ceiling let you know your in a place that has reached a place of high stature. However, it's not the cover of the book, but what's inside that counts. Every person we meet is pleasant and helpful. Our doctor sets to our task at hand and lays out the possibilities in front of us. Then he gets us started on the process to find out how the cancer is affecting my mom and what our treatment holds.

However, some of the most lasting moments in my mind have nothing to do with doctors, blood tests, or even PET scans.

It's funny what stress does to your brain. In addition to thinking about what the day holds, I wonder if my Bears jacket will bring taunts from Vikings fans. Not to be let down, I'm in the Mayo Clinic for 10 minutes and a Packers fan is telling me it's a big weekend coming up. And before the day's half over a hospital employee and Bears fan is telling me about all the grief he has taken over the week.

I finished the day looking for a race. I have never seen so many people in wheelchairs. Most of them are probably dealing with serious ailments,(my mom included) but how much fun would it be to get a running start and hop on the pegs of the chair. That might be something to put on one of the comment cards. A little stress relief for caregivers?

And what would a trip to another state be without taking in some of the local culinary fare... Try out Pannekoeken if you come to Rochester. Pannekoeken are Dutch baked pancakes. I had one. I also got a serenade when the waitress brought out my baked, round gastronomic masterpiece. Mmmm...pannekoeken!!!

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