Monday, December 31, 2012

Going Home

I wrote the following during my ride in a twin turbo-prop plane over middle America on our way back to South Bend. Mom's fight was well fought and is finished, but these words helped me reflect on our journey.
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Going home

We get to go home today. It's been such a long time. We left 16 days ago. 16 days that the world around me has been put on hold. Well, I put it on hold, but it continued on without me.

It's been so difficult. I feel so dramatic saying that. But this has been the most difficult thing I have EVER done. To see this cancer ravage my mom's body. To see her struggle to just sit up in bed. To see her sleeping a day away in ICU. To see her cry because of the unknown, because of weakness, and because of a fear of dying. I've cried at times. Facing our mortality is a humbling experience.

Even through the pain and difficulty I have found so much Good News. Today Mom showed an eagerness and awareness that I have not seen for more than a week. I would not be here flying home today were it not for my awesome God and my friends, no they're much more like family, who have lifted our burdens in prayer. He pulled people together to get this organized sooner than later. I celebrate joy because my mom asked me to pray for her. Lastly, there are so many people to thank.

Being 8 hours away from home was tough. In this difficult time so many people have shown us so much compassion and love. God is Love, so God has been with us the whole time. It goes back to the woman in South Bend who put Mom's shoes on. Then there was Ishmail who pushed us through Detroit airport. The friendly bell boy in the hotel lobby is from South Bend. The nice people throughout the Mayo Clinic who always had a smile and a greeting. The doctors who gave us their undivided professional attention. Even the crews who transported us to the airport and the flight crew caring for us were amazing. And, I believe most importantly, I cannot say enough about the wonderful nurses who gave such patient loving care. Cheryl, Jolie, Mallory, Jordan, Heidi, Laura and there were more but I didn't write their names down.

I don't know where we're going from here. God has his plan. I just pray for the patience and understanding to follow His plan.

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Kisha Hughes said...

Beautiful words Brian! So, so sorry for your loss, but those in heaven are celebrating a new family member. Praying for peace for you and your family.