Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Ultimate Sentence

I've been sneaking peeks behind my little black and white screened reality show for more than 7 years. In that time I've covered numerous murders, mysterious deaths, car accidents, and other varied life altering/ending events. Tonight will be the same.

Well...except for one detail.

Tonight the life ending is planned.

Alan Matheney is scheduled to die by leathal injection tonight at Indiana State Prison. Matheney was convicted of brutally beating his former wife Lisa Bianco outside of their home in northern Indiana.

Thankfully I will not be witnessing the execution. I will be close though. I will be safely tucked away in a conference room waiting to hear from the prison spokesperson. A little after midnight, I will be in place behind my reality TeeVee, framing up my shot waiting to hear that the state has carried out the sentence. I'll also be one of the first to find out what if any were the last utterances from the condemned.

I don't know what I'll walk away with from this tonight. I'm undecided on the issue. It's hard to argue that Matheney deserves to take up space above ground after what he did to Lisa Bianco. On the other hand I don't feel that putting someone to death actually accomplishes anything. However, I'm not paid to have an opinion.

But, when I wake up in the morning, maybe I'll have a better understanding of the State's ultimate punishment.

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Colonel Corn's Camera said...

I have covered many executions during my tour at the capital of North Carolina. I'm glad I do not have to do it any more. I cover enough death running on spot news. I don't like having to cover planned deaths as well. Our station was two blocks from the state big house. We covered every execution they did. Did you have a street full of anti-execution protesters too.

The Colonel