Friday, October 07, 2005


Not amplitude modulation.
Not angry and mad.
Not acerbic media.

Ante meridiem...

There's some changes happening here at the offices of Sapphoto. First, I've left the cozy family of those who create the prepackaged tidbits for the 23 minutes of news between primetime and late night.

I've moved to a disticntly different daypart. Instead of trying to keep our intrepid viewers here in Michiana awake, I'll be pointing my shoulder mounted TeeVee maker at our exhuberant morning reporter. That leads us to change number 2. Since I've abandoned the meeting and folo-up dustpan that is Nightside, I'm changing the name of the site. Lastly, I've learned a little about Macromedia Fireworks(how else could I be shooting while driving the SNG truck), enabling me to create a new masthead.

How could I do this? Well I've got 3 good reasons.

Now that I'm waking up well before anyone gets out of r.e.m. sleep, I'll be able to get home and enjoy the three rugrats running around the house messing it up.

That and I won't have to miss going to soccer practices like I have the past month.

Don't be upset. We'll still have time to laugh, joke, and cry about the dramatic, crazy, and erratic events that make up the Must-See Reality TeeVee that is television news. (I know, I say we. I like to dream that my miniscule tappings at the keyboard bring in droves that rival the big bloggers out there.)

I'm no stranger to the morning shift. I spent a 2 1/2 year stint giving the people of Tampa/St. Petersburg a warm side of News to go with their coffee, eggs, and toast.

I'm already working on some new material. If I could just get those Austrians to email me the pictures!!! How do you say email in German?

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