Monday, September 26, 2005

Third verse...same as the first(and the second)

Or...Meetings: The great reward of Nightside.

County City building- Many a TeeVee photographer knows the joy of politicians, concernedNO Tondu!!! residents, and developers gathered inside the darkened council chambers.

I've been stuck in my own personal Groundhog Day, except that I'm not in Pennsylvania, not as funny as Chris Elliot, and not stuck getting snowed in every day(not yet at least).

One of the jobs of news people is to listen to the clarion call of the numerous NIMBY groups. Ours is not the place to opine on the said complaints of concerns of those who do not want the new shopping center, new road, or new developement. Neither do we weigh in for those who push such developments.

We simply try to gather video and soundbites from all the parties involved and encapsulate the arguments for the viewers tuning in for 20 minutes of news after the rousing evening of must-see prime-time TeeVee.
NO Tondu!!!
However, there comes a time after visiting the sites of the impending or impeding change, that the TeeVee makers must trudge into the darkened chambers that make up the home of the decision makers. When I say trudge I mean no disrespect. It's just that, I can think of nothing more boring to the viewer's eye than council chambers with people sitting around and talking.

What's harder is when you have to attend multiple meetings until the council(or whatever form of government you would like) makes a decision. You must then hear the same arguments several times, often the same arguments, forcing you to tell your viewers nothing new several nights in a row.

Just a little vent. I guess it's a small price to pay to get the chunk of change in your bank account every other week.

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