Monday, December 19, 2005

The Perfect Picture

Or the Official Sapphoto Christmas Post

I gather moments. I've taped everything from Presidents, to protestors. Perps to the oppressed. I've seen everything from fish to the famous to infamous flash through my viewfinder and onto the tube.

I've captured these snippets for you the viewer from the side of frozen snowy roads to the roiling deck of a fishing boat in 6ft. roiling seas in the gulf of Mexico. I'm no stranger to hanging out of a car window or to manning the risers in an Air Force hangar waiting to hear Hail to the Chief.

In all these instances, I've rolled, snipped, and stitched together stories I've been proud to have hit the air.

Even with all this experience, there is still one subject that eludes me...

Christmas pictures of my children. For example:

Try #1
Try #2

Try #3
Try #4
Try #5
Try #6

Try #7

So what try did I go with?
An impropmtu shot...

And what did I learn??? Anticipating an unexpected moment makes for a better picture than any moment I can stage... And it's less stressful than trying to corral 3 kids!

Merry Christmas!!! May all your moments be perfect!


Smitty said...

Dude.. You are so right. I found out just a week ago, when trying to capture the perfect pic of Jackson.. A Christmas gift for all the family. Guess what.. It took forty snaps, and there was only ONE picture I was pleased with.

Great post!

Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Merry Christmas Sapphoto. Good post on being a real photographer.

Lenslinger said...

Merry Christmas, Sapphoto. Nothing's harder than capturing your own kids on film. I've worked crime scenes that are less frustrating...