Friday, August 03, 2007

Was I really cut out for this?

Did I really think there would be some ease to being the sole assignment person in a midsized market?

HA! Who was I kidding?

Making the impossible happen. I guess that's job one of the AE...

I do feel the skin's a little thicker now...

There, enough bitching.

Anyone know of a reporter and/or photog who wants to work in South Bend? It would make my day easier!


Leann said...

Not as easy as you thought it was is it?? You always thought we deskies were just sitting around watching tv and eating while you did allllll the work. Well, now you know that actually that's what we really do!


Tim Boyles said...

Maybe that's what you did, Leanne, but I was making contacts, doing beat calls, listening to scanners and man-handling the crews and producers. (also, smoking out back, collecting ball caps and t-shirts, making food runs and trying to figure out how to get the hell out of there)
It's funny fo find you here, as well as you, Brian. I was actually thinking of you the other day. I cannot believe I found your site today. Are you at the station with tracy cappelman? I used to work with her in PA.
Are you still on the desk?
My measly blog is: if you're interested.
Great to see you. There are some GREAT video blogs out there. Glad to see you're part of it.