Saturday, November 25, 2006


If you spend enough time in TV, one of the things you learn is there's always going to be someone new to work with. In my 10 years playing TV, I've seen my share of coworkers come and go. In fact I've been one who's come and gone two times now.

Some of them have been bad, like the one who consistently gave me 2 minute long stories less than an hour before air and looked blankly at me when I told her this was a problem.

Most have been good. But I've had the extremely huge privilege of working with several really wonderful people. When you work in the trenches day in and day out, riding across the market in a marked TV makin' tin-can, you have a unique opportunity to learn about every little detail of the person sitting next to you.

That's the case with Angela the lovely reporter above.

When I first met her I thought she was a loud and brash, girl from out East. After sharing countless miles across the market, I found out she is a loud, and only slightly brash(her term is loquacious) girl from Philly. That and she's a great journalist.

I watched her perfect her craft during the 3 years I worked with her. I watched as she learned the fine art of weaving her script with video and sound to tell a compelling story. I also watched as she taught me that as serious a business TV can be, you gotta have fun. If we were working on a story we were always laughing about something.

Keep on laughing Ang!

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